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Deatails of Head of Departments
S.No SDEPT Code Head of Department User ID
  1     2     3  
1 AGC Agriculture Marketing and Co-Operation, Secretariat AGC01
2 AGC Agriculture Department AGC02
3 AGC Horticulture Department AGC03
4 AGC Sericulture Department AGC04
5 AGC Marketing Department AGC05
6 AGC Registrar of Co-Operative Societies AGC06
7 AHF Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development and Fisheries, Secretariat AHF01
8 AHF Animal Husbandry Department AHF02
9 AHF Fisheries Department AHF03
10 BCW Backward Classes Welfare Secretariat BCW01
11 BCW Backward Classes Welfare Department BCW02
12 EFS Environment, Forest, Science and Technology, Secretariat EFS01
13 EFS Principal Chief Conservator of Forests EFS02
14 EHE Higher Education, Secretariat EHE01
15 EHE Collegiate Education Department EHE03
16 EHE State Archives EHE04
17 EHE Oriental Manuscripts Department EHE06
18 ENE Energy, Secretariat ENE01
19 ENE Chief Electrical Inspector to Government ENE02
20 ENE Chief Engineer, Electrical Generation ENE03
21 ESE Secondary Education Secretariat ESE01
22 ESE School Education Department ESE02
23 ESE Government Examinations Department ESE03
24 ESE Registrar of Publications ESE08
25 ESE Adult Education Department ESE09
26 ESE Public Libraries Department ESE10
27 ESE Jawahar Bal Bhavan ESE11
28 ESE Government Textbook Press ESE12
29 ESE Intermediate Education Department ESE14
30 FCS Food and Civil Supplies, Secretariat FCS01
31 FCS Food and Civil Supplies Department FCS02
32 FCS Legal Metrology Department FCS03
33 FCS Andhra Pradesh State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission FCS04
34 FIN Finance, Secretariat FIN01
35 FIN Treasuries and Accounts Department FIN02
36 FIN State Audit Department FIN03
37 FIN Life Insurance Department FIN04
38 FIN Pay and Accounts officer FIN05
39 FIN Works Accounts Directorate FIN08
40 FIN Andhra Pradesh State Directorate of Revenue Intelligence FIN09
41 GAD General Administration, Secretariat GAD01
42 GAD Information and Public Relations Department GAD02
43 GAD Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission GAD03
44 GAD Tribunal for Disciplinary Proceedings GAD04
45 GAD Anti-Corruption Bureau GAD05
46 GAD Protocol Directorate GAD06
47 GAD Governor and Governor Secretariat GAD07
48 GAD Lok-Ayukta and Upa Lok-Ayukta GAD08
49 GAD Vigilance and Enforcement Directorate General GAD10
50 GAD Andhra Pradesh Bhavan, New Delhi GAD11
51 GAD Andhra Pradesh Vigilance Commission GAD12
52 GAD Andhra Pradesh Human Resources Development Institute GAD13
53 GAD Chief Electoral Officer GAD16
54 GAD Andhra Pradesh State Administrative Tribunal GAD17
55 GAD Translations Directorate GAD18
56 GAD Andhra Pradesh Information Commission GAD19
57 GAD Special Enforcement Bureau GAD20
58 GAD Special Investigation Team GAD57
59 GWS Gram Volunteers/Ward Volunteers and Village Secretariats /Ward Secretariats GWS01
60 GWS Gram Volunteers/Ward Volunteers and Village Secretariats /Ward Secretariats Commissionerate GWS02
61 HMF Health, Medical and Family Welfare, Secretariat HMF01
62 HMF Medical Education Department HMF02
63 HMF Public Health and Family Welfare Department HMF03
64 HMF Family Welfare Department HMF04
65 HMF Institute of Preventive Medicine HMF05
66 HMF Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) Department HMF06
67 HMF Drugs Control Administration HMF07
68 HOM Home, Secretariat HOM01
69 HOM Director General and Inspector General of Police HOM02
70 HOM Director General and Inspector General of Prisons HOM03
71 HOM Printing, Stationery and Stores Purchase Department HOM04
72 HOM Director General of State Disaster Response and Fire Services HOM05
73 HOM Sainik Welfare Department HOM06
74 HOM Police Academy HOM07
75 HOM Intelligence Department HOM09
76 HOM Civil Defence Organisation HOM10
77 HOM Home Guards HOM11
78 HOM Special Protection Force HOM12
79 HOM Grey Hounds HOM13
80 HOM Organisation of Counter Terrorist Operations (OCTOPUS) HOM15
81 HOM Commissioner of Police, Visakhapatnam HOM16
82 HOM Commissioner of Police, Vijayawada HOM17
83 HOM Prosecutions Department HOM18
84 HOM Andhra Pradesh Crime Investigation Department HOM19
85 HOM Andhra Pradesh Special Police HOM20
86 HOU Housing, Secretariat HOU01
87 HOU Weaker Section Housing HOU02
88 ICD Water Resources, Secretariat ICD01
89 ICD Command Area Development Authority ICD02
90 ICD Ground Water Department ICD03
91 ICD Water Resources (Administration) ICD05
92 ICD Major Irrigation, Flood Control and Drainage ICD06
93 ICD Minor Irrigation Department ICD08
94 ICD N.T.R Telugu Ganga Project ICD12
95 ICD Tungabhadra Board ICD14
96 ICD Central Design Organisation ICD17
97 ICD Inter State Water Resources ICD18
98 ICD Commissionerate of Tenders ICD19
99 ICD Irrigation Projects, Kadapa ICD20
100 ICD Hydrology Department ICD21
101 ICD Krishna Basin, Commissioner ICD23
102 ICD Irrigation Projects, North Coastal Districts ICD25
103 ICD Irrigation Projects, Ongole ICD26
104 ICD Irrigation Projects, Anantapur ICD27
105 ICD Polavaram Project ICD28
106 ICD Project Preparation and Monitoring Unit (PPMU), Andhra Pradesh Water Sector Improvement Project (APWSIP) ICD30
107 ICD Irrigation Projects, Kurnool ICD32
108 ICD Resettlement and Rehabilitation Commissionerate ICD33
109 ICD Quality Control Wing for Andhra Region ICD34
110 ICD Quality Control Wing for Rayalaseema Region ICD36
111 ICD Godavari Delta System, Dowlaiswaram ICD43
112 ICD Krishna Delta System, Vijayawada ICD44
113 IID Infrastructure and Investment, Secretariat IID01
114 IID State Ports Directorate IID02
115 INC Industries and Commerce, Secretariat INC01
116 INC Industries, Commerce and Export Promotion Department INC02
117 INC Handlooms and Textiles Department INC03
118 INC Mines and Geology Department INC04
119 INC Sugar Cane Commissioner INC05
120 ITC Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, Secretariat ITC01
121 ITC Electronically Deliverable Services Directorate ITC02
122 LAE Labour, Factories, Boilers and Insurance Medical Services, Secretariat LAE01
123 LAE Labour Department LAE03
124 LAE Factories Department LAE05
125 LAE Labour Court, Guntur LAE10
126 LAE Labour Court-cum-Industrial Tribunal, Visakhapatnam LAE11
127 LAE Labour Court, Anantapur LAE12
128 LAE Insurance Medical Services Department LAE18
129 LAE Boilers Department LAE19
130 LAW Law, Secretariat LAW01
131 LAW Registrar General of High Court LAW02
132 LAW Advocate General of Andhra Pradesh LAW04
133 LAW Andhra Pradesh State Legal Services Authority LAW05
134 LAW Andhra Pradesh Judicial Academy LAW06
135 LEG Legislature Secretariat LEG01
136 MAU Municipal Administration and Urban Development, Secretariat MAU01
137 MAU Municipal Administration Department MAU02
138 MAU Town and Country Planning Department MAU03
139 MAU Public Health Engineering Department MAU04
140 MNW Minorities Welfare, Secretariat MNW01
141 MNW Minorities Commission MNW02
142 MNW Minorities Welfare Department MNW03
143 PBE Public Enterprises Secretariat PBE01
144 PLG Planning, Secretariat PLG01
145 PLG Economics and Statistics Department PLG02
146 PRR Panchayat Raj and Rural Development, Secretariat PRR01
147 PRR Panchayat Raj Department PRR02
148 PRR Panchayat Raj Engineering Department PRR03
149 PRR State Election Commission PRR04
150 PRR Rural Development Department PRR05
151 PRR Rural Water Supply Department PRR06
152 PRR Andhra Pradesh State Institute of Rural Development and Panchyat Raj (APSIRD & PR) PRR07
153 REV Revenue, Secretariat REV01
154 REV Land Administration Department REV02
155 REV Commercial Taxes Department REV03
156 REV Excise Department REV04
157 REV Survey, Settlement and Land Records Department REV05
158 REV Special Court under Andhra Pradesh Land Grabbing (Prohibition) Act. REV06
159 REV Endowments Department REV07
160 REV Registration and Stamps Department REV08
161 REV Relief and Disaster Management Commissionerate REV10
162 REV Andhra Pradesh Value Added Tax Appellate Tribunal, Visakhapatnam REV11
163 RTG Department of Real Time Governance RTG01
164 SEI Department of Skills Development and Training, Secretariat SEI01
165 SEI Employment and Training Department SEI02
166 SEI Technical Education Department SEI03
167 SOW Social Welfare, Secretariat SOW01
168 SOW Social Welfare Department SOW02
169 SOW Tribal Welfare Department SOW03
170 SOW Tribal Welfare Engineering Department SOW04
171 SOW Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society SOW05
172 SOW Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society SOW06
173 TRB Transport, Roads and Buildings, Secretariat TRB01
174 TRB Administration, State Roads and Road Safety Works (RSW), ENC (R&B) TRB02
175 TRB Transport Department TRB03
176 TRB Buildings Department TRB05
177 TRB Core Network Roads (CRN), Road Development Corporation (RDC) and Public Private Partnership (PPP) Department TRB06
178 TRB Rural Roads, ENC (R&B) TRB07
179 TRB Electrical Chief Engineer TRB12
180 TRB National Highways and Central Road Funds Department TRB13
181 TRB Public Transport Department TRB14
182 WDC Women, Children, Differently Abled and Senior Citizens, Secretariat WDC01
183 WDC Women Development and Child Welfare Department WDC02
184 WDC Department for Welfare of Differently Abled, Transgender and Senior Citizens WDC03
185 WDC Juvenile Welfare Department WDC04
186 YTC Youth Advancement, Tourism and Culture, Secretariat YTC01
187 YTC Cultural Affairs Department YTC02
188 YTC Tourism Department YTC03
189 YTC Youth Services Department YTC04
190 YTC National Cadet Corps (N.C.C) Department YTC05
191 YTC Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh (SAAP) YTC06
192 YTC Archaeology and Museums Department YTC07
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